Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool is a voluntary association of companies insuring and / or reinsuring risks connected with operation of nuclear installations and sources of ionising radiation. Such nuclear installations are according to the ACT No. 263/2016 Coll - Atomic Act ,

a facility or plant comprising a nuclear reactor using fission chain reaction or other nuclear chain reaction, a storage facility for spent fuel, a storage facility for fresh nuclear fuel, unless part of another nuclear installation, an enrichment plant, nuclear fuel fabrication plant or spent fuel reprocessing plant, a storage facility for radioactive waste, except installations for the storage of radioactive waste, which is part of another nuclear installation or workplace where activity involving radiation are performed,a radioactive waste disposal facility, except repositories containing exclusively natural radionuclides,

The Pool currently participates on insurance and/or reinsurance of more than 386 nuclear power plants throughout the world, including both Czech nuclear power plants - Dukovany NPP and Temelín NPP.

International teams of engineers execute regular surveys of both of our nuclear power plants. Results of the surveys serve to assess the risks particularly for the use of insurers. Operators of power plants use recommendations of insurance experts in order to reduce the risk of operation of the nuclearinstallations.Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool operates within a worldwide community of national nuclear insurance pools and is actively contributing to the development of business and technical co-operation.

The business exchange comprises of active (i.e. assumed) and passive (i.e. ceded) reinsurance business with more than twenty foreign national pools.

The technical co-operation provides exchange of information, arranging of surveys on nuclear power plants as well as organization of assessment of insured losses.


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