A CzNIP Claim Settlement Process for nuclear events

at Czech Nuclear Facilities

Insured nuclear facilities operated in the Czech Republic meet the highest safety standards, yet it is necessary for us to be prepared for the results of a potential nuclear accident.

In the event of a severe nuclear accident at insured nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic, CzNIP is prepared to provide prompt and smooth claim settlement. For such events a Cooperation Agreement has been signed among Insurance Companies that are members of CzNIP. The Cooperation Agreement specifies the role of each Insurance Company in the process of registration of insured events, claims handling and compensation payment.

All activities related to the claim settlement procedure are concentrated in the hands of a Lead Insurer. The Lead Insurer manages and coordinates cooperation between the Insurance Companies via a Steering Committee that consists of representatives from the CzNIP members.

The quality of the Lead Insurer’s claims handling and registration process is tested on an annual basis in order to ensure smooth operation of the process in the case of a potentially high number of reported claims.


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