Organizational Structure


Organizational Structure




Board of the Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool

  • The Board is an assembly of pool members` representatives and the supreme body of the Pool. Each member has one vote. The Board decides based on majority principle. In some matters, the Statute or a decision made by the Board may require an agreement of more than just the majority of members;
  • The Board elects Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Chairman, or, if absent, the Vice-Chairman, conducts the Board proceedings and represents the Pool. Any member of the Board may submit a proposal on appointment or recalling of the Chairman;
  • The Board meets as needed but four times in a year at least. The meetings are convened by the Office;
  • The Board deals with the most important issues regarding the Pools organisation and activities, and approves the following:

  1. General principles of the Pools business policy,
  2. Rules of the business policy and the Pools one-year budget,
  3. Final Statement of Account and Annual Report for the past year,
  4. Commencement, restriction and expiry of membership in the Pool,
  5. Proposals for modification and amendments of Agreements and the Statute,
  6. Other issues as mentioned in the Statute or made by a decision of at least one third of the Board members.

The Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool Office

  • Is the Czech Nuclear Insurance Pools executive body;
  • Completely ensures the Pools administration;
  • Deals with clients and prepares insurance contract proposals;
  • Deals with foreign pools in order to ensure the necessary reinsurance coverage;
  • Accepts reinsurance business from foreign pools;
  • Conducts co-operation with reinsurance pools or other entities in respect of all matters concerning the Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool;
  • Properly informs members of the Czech Nuclear Insurance Pool - via their empowered representatives in the Board.

Working Groups

  • Setting up of Working Groups for fulfilling special tasks is decided by the Board.


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